Mahjong Helper
For iOS & Android

Mahjong is an enjoyable game, played around the world. However, for beginners (and even more experienced players!), calculating the value of a hand can be confusing. In addition, determining point exchanges between players after the value of each hand is calculated can also be tricky.

Mahjong Helper aims to simplify the tasks of scoring and exchanges. It can also be used to keep a history of matches played, and to easily experiment with different methods of scoring.


  • Multiple Matches
  • Beautiful, easy-to-read tiles.
  • Hand Scorer with intuitive tile/set-type selector
  • Scoring Panel that describes how the score for a hand was calculated. Great for learners, or just to double-check!
  • Supports European Classical, Hong Kong, Japanese Modern, and Chinese Official (MCR / Competition) systems.
  • Send scores from Hand Scorer to Score Sheet, or enter scores manually.
  • Scoresheet calculates exchanges between players
  • Sync match data to all players' phones
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v3.55.0, Android (4.0+)

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v3.55.0, iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 9.0+)

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  • 2018-Nov-18 - with regret, I have opted to unlist the Windows version of the app. The iOS and Android versions will continue to be maintained, though!


Check the Help Page for information on operation.


Email: info@mahjonghelper.com     Twitter @MahjongHelper